Annika Syrjämäki ( Sweden,1975) explored different departments (interior design, fashion design) before graduating in Textile design at the royal Academy in the Hague in 2000.

After graduating she has been working in different fields of design, dance costumes for Leine & Roebana, fashion design under her own lable, property master for a number of dutch series and movies, as a flower designer and as a textile designer.
It might all seem very diverse, but in the end it all has a lot to do with atmosphere, to
create an experience..

She has a broad interest in different fields of design, and loves to explore the possibilities of every project and learn new techniques.
Annika’s style is fresh, natural and with a love of adding “a little noise”, some random elements.Things needs to have a little bit of imperfection to have a feeling.

“I like the way nature works, it’s programmed to do one thing, grow in a certain way, but it all looks different in the end”


mobiel: 0624244712


gebouw: Centrale-3de

BINK#: C356

richting: Textiel & mode