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The Hague's greatest multi-tenant building, covering over 40,000 square metres and housing over 300 entrepreneurs!

About BINK36

Located in the dynamic and creative Binckhorst district of The Hague, BINK36 is a multi-tenant building accommodating a wide variety of start-ups and other ambitious businesses, including design and tech companies, art studios and fashion brands. BINK36 offers anyone the opportunity to develop their talent, pursue their dreams, collaborate with like-minded people and create their own workspaces.

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BINK36 offers affordable offices and commercial premises in The Hague’s new city centre, in a unique location easy to reach by car and public transport. We have assorted office spaces, workshops, studios and storage spaces for rent, with a raw and industrial look and feel. In short: BINK36 is the ideal place for ambitious entrepeneurs.

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Service charges: € 36 per square metre per year.

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Contact us at 070 – 38 20 769 or info@binkmanagement.nl to discuss available space and to arrange for a tour.

BINK36 Service Desk is available Monday to Friday until 3:00 PM.